Puppies are lawless and come without a manual!

Get a puppy they said!

It will be fun, they said!

Most people DID say!

Lets face it, most of us do think it will be fun and full of fluffy cuddles when we welcome home a new puppy however, we soon learn that in reality the above couldn't be further from the truth.

Puppies smell and make bad smells. They chew and destroy things costing us money. They make loud noises at all times of the day and night upsetting our neighbours. Puppies also get sick making more mess and smells, whiny noises and destroying the carpet and costing us more money at the vets.

These behaviours often occur when there is no boundaries or training and is one of the biggest causes as to why puppies and young dogs end up in kennels or even worse, dumped off in the middle of no where without a care for his welfare!

Photo by Koryssa Risteen

To achieve my dream dog, I needed one with confidence and one born with the skill to problem solve and the ability to generalize which most dogs are unable to do including Bumble. I also needed a dog with good motivation or the want to work and looking back now, a dog clear of genetic or confirmation issues.

What I got was the best dog ever! It was me that needed to change and adapt to the cute, furry puppy. My Bumble taught me so much.

I wanted an obedient, loyal, affectionate dog with physical stamina. I didn't know I needed a confident, clear of a genetic dysfunction, motivated, problem solver.

I needed generalisation because I expected Bumble to be able to perform simple behaviors (such as sit) at a distance. I did not know that dogs are unable to contextualize meaning that even just changing the distance by 1 meter meant something entirely different from any dog including Bumble.

When it came to Bumble's confidence he had a good amount to start with however little did I know that this can be super influenced by his early months and the exposer to different experiences. When I used to walk him by the busy roads he used to cower or hide behind me when large lorries used to thunder by. I used to wonder what he was playing at as he used to see them regularly and had never been hurt by one. A Dogs brains is much simpler than ours and they do not rationalise as we do. Bumble, quickly taught me that to help with his confidence I needed to see things from his point of view. 

So you see, there is a lot of thought that needs to go into what kind of dog that you would like and a lot of work you will need to do with your puppy to help them grow into a confident and obedient dog and all the other qualities you would like in your dog.

I also reached my dream of riding out on my horse with Bumble in tow. It did take longer than what I expected and this was mainly down to how unaware I was of how much influence I could have over the development of my dog.

Help is at hand. Your dream dog need not take years to reach as I have developed a foundation life skills course to help you to train and guide your dog reach all the positive behaviours most dog owners need.

Not what you imagined?

When I 1st started looking for a puppy I imagined the type of dog I wanted. I pictured myself riding my house with my dog following closely in tow. Then in the evenings, I wanted my dog to snuggle up with on the settee watching TV. So for my image, I thought I needed a loyal obedient, affectionate dog with physical stamina. I pictured a border collie.

What I got I believe was very lucky and got the best dog ever, Bumble. He was almost what I imagined with some lucky and not so lucky extras. Some of those extras were a genetic dysfunction in the form of Border Collie Collapse. In short, that means he is unable to perform repetitive physical activities during hot weather (in Bumble's case). So this meant I was restricted to cooler or colder days when taking him out with me.

Bumble is loyal however as I soon learned was too loyal. We got to a point where I couldn't leave him even for half an hour as his separation anxiety got worse. Thankfully we have since addressed this and bumble is now able to spend time without me, which is handy as I do take a while when food shopping in Aldi.

He is also affectionate but through early assumptions, he now feels conflicted when receiving or asking for fuss. Dogs don't like to be cuddled. They learn to tolerate this weird human behaviour. To a dog, being cuddled is being restrained and who likes to be restrained? 

Obedient was the other trait I wanted in my new dog. Little did I know at the time is that obedience is learned through training so in fact, I needed a dog that is motivated easily. Thankfully Bumble is motivated! He loves to work for a tennis ball and at times he can be a little too motivated. This and having the condition, Border Collie Collapse does not go well together so I needed to learn from Bumble what else motivates him. Verbal praise and food treat work with him in most situations, phew!

Photo by Maddi Bazzocco on Unsplash

Try before you buy. Have a free half an hour on me!

Here is how to make puppyhood easier on both your puppy and your family......

What you do have is good intentions you just need to know how to put them into practice. You want your crazy puppy to grow into a well behaved, obedient and loyal dog. This is where I can help you. I have developed a foundation life skill course to teach you how to train your own puppy. Along the way, your puppy will learn new skills like reliable recall, self-control and how to meet and greet other dogs and humans. With these new skills, you will be able to enjoy stress-free walks on or off the lead, avoiding dangerous encounters with unruly dogs and have peace and quiet at home allowing the whole family to sleep at night.

You cant teach an old dogs new tricks.

Actually you can however most of knows the older we get the slower learning tends to be. There is a variety of reasons as to why this is, scientifically the older the brain the less able it is to create new neuropathways and we need those to retain new information.

Puppies will learn any behaviour if doing it gets them to their goal or reward. This means any behaviour. Puppies and dogs as a whole do not see behaviours or tricks as negative or bad that bit is a human societal thing. Puppies and dogs are more likely to repeat a behaviour if that behaviour is to them, successful. I.e. did he get food s a result of the behaviour? if so he will do it again to get more, this is a survival thing all living beings have.

In short this means your puppy is also learning what we would class as bad or negative behaviours every day all by accident or even inadvertently by us and so we might need to undo some of these behaviours before learning some new ones, more positive ones. I can then also show you how to avoid training those bad behaviours.

In short, the sooner you book in the easier it will be to get you both on a positive and fun journey with a brilliant future ahead. I can except puppies up to the age of 18 months old on this course.

Photo by McDobbie Hu on Unsplash

Photo by Julian Dutton on Unsplash

The investment.

The course cost is £25 per session that can either be paid up front or to secure your spot you can pay a non refundable deposit of £50 and then £25 per the first 8 sessions.

Don't forget to claim your half hour free lesson.

But my puppy is crazy or lazy....

Then no problem. Every dog and his owner is unique. From the breed, parentage, personality to any physical abilities there is a way to train your puppy. Plus what you want from your puppy will differ to the next person. I understand this. My favourite saying is "make a plan and plan to deviate"!

My course is developed for you. How do I know? Because of my own experience of working with hundreds of dogs over many years. The course I have developed has a curriculum that can be added to or parts of it avoided depending on you and your puppy's requirements. So let's make a plan.

For you there are ten, one hour private sessions to complete. During each session we will cover subjects like recall, loose lead walking, canine body language and safe meet and greet with other dogs and people. I will coach you during the sessions and then its up to you to complete the training at home,. Yep there is homework with this course! During this time, watch your relationship with your new puppy flourish.

Have a free half an hour lesson on me and from there I can taylor make the course for you both.

Fill in the short form below and I will send you access to my diary so get booked in and let's get started now.