Get a puppy they said!
It will be fun, they said!
Most people DID say!


Lets face it, most of us do think it will be fun and full of fluffy cuddles when we welcome home a new puppy however, we soon learn that in reality the above couldn’t be further from the truth.

Puppies smell and make bad smells. They chew and destroy things costing us money. They make loud noises at all times of the day and night upsetting our neighbours. Puppies also get sick making more mess and smells, whiny noises and destroying the carpet and costing us more money at the vets.

These behaviours often occur when there is no boundaries or training and is one of the biggest causes as to why puppies and young dogs end up in kennels or even worse, dumped off in the middle of no where without a care for his welfare!

Not what you imagined?


When I first started looking for a puppy I imagined the type of dog I wanted. I pictured myself riding my house with my dog following closely in tow. Then in the evenings, I wanted my dog to snuggle up with on the settee watching TV. So for my image, I thought I needed a loyal obedient, affectionate dog with physical stamina. I pictured a border collie.

What I got I believe was very lucky and got the best dog ever, Bumble. He was almost what I imagined with some lucky and not so lucky extras. Some of those extras were a genetic dysfunction in the form of Border Collie Collapse. In short, that means he is unable to perform repetitive physical activities during hot weather (in Bumble’s case). So this meant I was restricted to cooler or colder days when taking him out with me.

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