Agility Equipment/Field Hire

If you are experienced in dog agility (grade 3 and above) and wish to do some training with your dog(s) or practice techniques learnt from other sources then this may be for you. You can hire the field for either half an hour or an hour for up to three handlers or six dogs.

We have RVA competition standard contact equipment covered in rubber, solid wooden jumps and RVA channel weaves.


Hourly Rate: £10

Half Hourly Rate: £7

Monthly rate: £30 (per trainer/handler) which entitles you to come and use our equipment as and when (as long as not booked already). This is ideal for those that just want to do ten to twenty minutes every now and then but nothing is stopping you for using it for a full hour.  To sign up click here to request a call back to get you set up on the monthly plan.

Agility Lessons

We hold a weekly lesson for more advanced (Grade 3 and above/competing) handlers on an informal basis.

Please contact us to book