Bad breath, gum disease, tooth loss, and even heart disease have all been linked to poor teeth hygiene in humans, your dog is no different!

Owning 7 dogs myself who are various ages and breed I understand how important it is for strong, healthy teeth. I love seeing them enjoy chomping on a good bone or playing tuggy with them which you cant do if they have no teeth!! And who enjoys bad breath? Hahaha, not me for sure.

Your dog’s age, confirmation, lifestyle, and diet can all have an impact on the condition of his teeth and gums. Some dogs require more assistance than others however all dogs would benefit from some sort of regular cleaning.

My teeth cleaning service can be used as a monthly general maintenance program to boost your current regime or for dogs who already have heavy plaque staining. My service can be your alternative to the traditional vet visit where your dog would be put under heavy sedation.

Your dog may be too old to be put under such medical stress or he may have a condition which means sedation can be dangerous for him. The equipment I use at Pinkfox is totally none invasive and therefore requires no sedation at all. In fact, most dogs enjoy the process as the toothpaste for them is yummy! Well, they say so…

How the service works

The first session is a tooth check. Providing no teeth need to be taken out we will discuss how many sessions will be required, this will depend on how much plaque build up there is. Once all the plaque has been removed regular cleaning will be required between 4 & 6 weeks this is called the maintenance programme. Your first visit will last for 30 minutes to allow your dog extra time to get used to me and the cleaning process. Your dog will also be allocated his own brush head. Cost is £30

Treatment plans require a weekly visit as often the gums need gentle and regular stimulation to encourage healthy blood circulation. This in turn increases durability of the gums preventing any further receding which often occurs in older dogs. Healthy gums also helps prevents tooth loss. These sessions only last for 15 minutes and costs £15.

The aim is to get your dog onto the maintenance programme. So even if your dog doesn’t have much or no plaque, good oral health care can help prevent future issue from occurring like tooth loss. These visits take place monthly and again only last 15 minutes. The same method and equipment is used as in the treatment plan. Having a monthly mouth and tooth check up can put your mind at rest that if anything changes or looks abnormal there is a good chance it will be picked up during his session and you will be informed.

Now you have found me let’s get your dog booked in! Complete the form below. I will then email you back with access to my diary so you can book a date and time best suited to you. These sessions book up fast so don’t wait around. Get hitting that button, now.