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Learn to speak Dog

We know you love your dog, but do you ever wonder who’s taking who for a walk, or feel that your dog has forgotten their manners?  Do you look at those owners who can happily let their dogs off the lead without fear that their dog is going to do a runner, or cause a fight?  Are you embarrassed when you have guests and your dog is barking his head off, or being generally unruly and rude?

Here are Pinkfox I specialise in dog training and behavioural issues, I have over 10 years experience of teaching unruly dogs some good manners and doing so by only using the positive reward system! 

So if you’ve recently welcomed a new puppy and don’t want him to turn into a nightmare dog – then make sure you book onto one of my courses here.

Learn their language

Good communication is at the core of any relationship and it is no different when that relationship is with your pet dog. I will show you your dog’s body language and how best to respond to him. Want to learn more? Then sign up to my regular emails by hitting the button below!

About me

Over the years I have owned and trained a variety of dogs, all different breeds and all with their own histories. Some of these dogs I have been challenged by however all have the same basic needs and wants. From dogs who react to others to those nervous of humans they can all be helped to change their behaviours by a holistic approach to training. I use this in every session be it an agility lesson or life skills and I teach you the same so you can truly be there for your dog and prevent or change any negative behaviour.

I have also competed in the fast growing sport, dog agility for over 7 years. Agility is a great activity to do with your dog and helps strengthen your relationship. So if you would like to try out agility follow this link to find out more and sign up to Pink agility clubs weekly group session or call me to book a 1 2 1 lesson to get you both started. Call 07799004543.

Want to find out more?

If you want to find out more about me and how I can assist you with any dog training problem or challenges, then request a free consultation here. Complete the form below and I will call you back to book a slot.