little and often

I don’t know about you but I am struggling to get out of holiday mode! So today is the day! I am getting up and taking action. The kettle is going on and the training treats are coming out. Now just to think of what I want to teach one of my dogs next.

Training on a regular basis helps build and maintain your relationship with your dog. You don’t need hours on end every day, just short sessions lasting no longer than 5 minutes is enough.

This is why I do agility. It’s an activity I can do with my dogs. Now you can do to. If you are not already signed up to one of my group sessions there is now an opportunity to join my new group which starts on the 6th Feb, 2 till 3pm. If you are already signed up please help spread the joy and let anyone you know who may be interested.

Spaces are limited and as it stands I have two spaces left so to get booked on email me at or call me on 07799004543.