Fenton! Fenton!! FENTON!!!!

Hahahaha did you see that youtube video a few years back with the dog chasing the deers?

I cant help but think if the owner had taught a reliable recall that video would never have graced our mobiles or laptops!

In all seriousness though, that situation could have ended really badly either for the deer or for the dog. Side note, it is the law that if you walk your dogs through a field with livestock in it then your dog should be on the lead.

It is possible to train any dog a reliable recall. No matter what his or her wants are i.e. deers, ducks or even other dogs you can train your dog to come back no matter what. All it takes is to be more exciting than the environment that you are in and I can help you with that.

I now run 4-week courses to change challenging behaviours that your dog may have. Book in for a free half an hour consultation with me and together we can come up with a force free and fun plan to change your dog’s behaviour