Simon Says

Our dogs need down time too however some find it hard to switch off. You can help your dog learn how to chill out and equally if you are training sporting games like flyball or agility you need the more fast paced and driven behaviours.

If i am chilled then most of the time my dogs are chilled except for the two crazy dogs behind me who are hell bent on breaking my back play fighting! Yep that would be the nutter Boo and the off his head Otto!!

The point is we can effect our dogs behaviour and emotions more than we think we can. So for instance, if you are training agility the behaviours we need are the fast and driven ones. No point in just taking a stroll into the tunnel, your dog might never make it out the other side before bed time! In order to do this you yourself need to be fun, energised and focused on the game you are playing with your dog, the more you invest in the short game the more you will get back from your dog.

Then vice versa, you wouldn’t find it much fun if your dog had constant zoomies at home every day in the evening whilst you are watching your favourite programme! However by being calm and engaging with your dog in a calm manner and even asking for calm behaviours like sit or down will help to reduce their arousal levels, you may even find the off button!!! whoop whoop!